Elevate Your Holiday Décor with this Stash-Busting Stocking!

We are thrilled to announce an opportunity for you to dive into the world of crafting and quilting with Blair, the talented owner of Wise Craft Handmade. Blair’s passion for creativity and her knack for turning fabric into stunning works of art have made her a beloved figure in the crafting community. Now, she’s bringing her expertise to you through an exclusive class on Creativebug, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news!READ MORE

Join us on FB tomorrow 5/26/22

Mindful Making Quiltfolk FB Live


I hope you will join myself, Jenni Smith, and and Kay Walsh tomorrow, 5/29 over on Facebook. We will be live on the Quiltfolk Facebook page talking about our upcoming workshop, Mindful Making in New Mexico. I had so much fun when Jenni and Kay visited me here in my New Mexico studio, and am so proud of the workshop we put together. We’ll share a peek at the finished project we’ll be making in the workshop, likely “geeking out” over our love of chicken scratch embroidery, and will answer any questions you have. Tune in, makes no difference if you have signed up for the workshop or not!READ MORE

New Quilting Workshops!



As we ease back into in-person workshops and lectures, It felt like a good time to update my workshop and lecture offerings. I miss teaching in person, but I have really come around to virtual lectures and workshops, both as a teach and a student. It opens learning up to so many more people! And I can’t say I’m exactly sad about not having to lug 75 plus quilts to a lecture. READ MORE

Quiltcon 2020 Workshops


Boro Stitching Workshop

Scenes from my “Boro-Inspired Quilting” workshops

I’ve been back from Quiltcon for almost 2 weeks now and I’m still super inspired by the workshops I taught and everyone I met there. I stayed busy, with 4 workshops spread out over 3 days. I don’t know what I would have done with my sis-in-law Jenny to help me out. Having her helped everything run so much more smoothly. Plus she’s just fun to hang out with!READ MORE

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