Curated Quilts Issue 5 Mini Quilt Submission

Curated Quilts
I finished up my submission for Curated Quilts Mini Quilt challenge. The theme is Connections/Improv and I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

Yep. I needed more hand stitching.

Curated Quilts
I created this piece the same way I’ve created several other recent hand stitched pieces. Arranging bits of fabric over a base cloth, marking lines with my hera marker, and sewing those lines with a running stitch to secure everything down. Composing an abstract piece in fabric and stitching it all securely down, with the hand stitching become an important part of the composition.
Curated Quilts
I’ve done several hand stitched pieces this way (this paintbrush holder and tote bag are recent examples ). This process allows even the smallest bits of fabric to be used. There are no seam allowances to lose. Rather than worry about them, this process celebrates raw edges. Fraying is Controlled by the hand stitched lines.
Excited to be forming a slow stitching workshop around this process for 2019, stay tuned!

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