First 5 days of my temperature quilt

First 5 days of my temperature quilt

I have completed the first 5 days of my temperature quilt. I did them all at once (instead of one each day). This may be the way it goes with this project, we’ll see! I’m geeking out on the record keeping aspect of the whole thing- looking at the temps each day, being mindful of the lows.


It’s been really cold here in the evenings, and I’ve probably been noticing it more because of this project. And we got snow last week, so I got to add that in one day!

I got a couple of questions about this project over on Instagram when I originally posted about it. I thought it might be helpful to answer them here.

Will I record daily temps of where I am each day?


That’s such a good question! As an example, our family is traveling to Tokyo this year. Would I record the daily temperatures there? There are so many ways to do it, and I decided early on that I would record only temps at our home. So, even if I’m traveling (which I will be plenty this year) I will still only record the local temps and weather. My reasoning behind this is pretty simple. I feel the weather differently here than I did in Seattle. The conditions in the desert seem harsher, and I notice them more. I would like to see those weather patterns evolve over the course of a year. Maybe I’ll do a future quilt and record the daily highs and lows of where I am at each day, but this one will only be local temps.

What is the size of the block and how will I determine the layout?


I touched on this in my first post about the quilt, but the individual blocks themselves will be 4 1/2″ trimmed, 4″ sewn. If I lay out the blocks 18 across (wide) and 21 down (long), the measurements of the final quilt will be 72″ x 84″.


If I lay out a month’s work of block vertically in columns, I will be able to fit nearly 2 months in one column. But it would also work to lay the blocks out in rows.

Will I designate between months?


Yes, I have allowed one block for each of the 12 months. This block will have a Liberty print (the “Capel” dark blue print) in both the top and bottom corner. Haven’t decided what the center bar will be on that block yet. There will be one monthly block at the top left corner for January, and one at the bottom right for December, as well as the monthly blocks throughout the layout.


The math- 2024 has 366 days in it. that plus a block to represent each of the 12 monthly shifts is 378 blocks.

Back of Day 4 Temperature Quilt

I decided to paper piece the blocks. It makes it all much neater for me, and I can also record all the necessary info on the back of the each block. In addition to the daily weather info, each block is oriented a different way, so I can draw an arrow indicating which side of the block should be the top.

Can I use this block and create my own temperature quilt?


Yes! You are welcome to use the block, you can download it here. I have laid it out on a sheet of paper so that if you print out papers to paper piece the blocks, you can get 2 to a page.


I have made a list of the supplies I’m using over in my Amazon shop. The fabrics are all Liberty of London prints I purchased from Duckadilly.

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