How to add Free Motion Embroidery to a Pillowcase

It is no secret I love free motion embroidery and do it almost every day! There are just so many possibilities with it. It does take a little practice, but my advice is to keep at it, keep trying it, and you will get the hang of it much faster than you might think.
Free motion Embroidery
Pillowcases are something that everyone uses, right? Why not make them more personal? With free-motion quilting, you can add words, shapes, anything really. They would make a great for a friend moving into a new home.

I have video to my YouTube channel on how to add free motion embroidery plain, store-bought pillowcases. If you’ve been wanting to try this for yourself, hopefully the tips and instructions I give in the video will help you understand some of the basic steps. I used simple, 100% Cotton pillowcases with a cuff or border around the edge (similar to these)

I also love the way variegated threads can add another element of design in the stitching. The doodled flowers and leaves have lots of thread color changes in them, magically all achieved with only one thread!

The threads that I used to stitch my pillowcase:
Blue variegated thread
Green variegated thread

I mark my pillowcases with a rough design idea using Frixion pens, available in my shop here and here.


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