Gloria Vanderbilt’s quilt decor

Did you know that Gloria Vanderbilt’s homes throughout the years had rather bold decorating statements? As in, they were covered with quilts?



I went down a rather deep rabbit hole the other day, looking at the way she adorned walls, fireplaces, tables, chairs, bedrooms, and floors with quilts.






I think the image below is my favorite. I love the quilts lacquered onto the wall, and inset in the doors. She even wore patchwork outfits the last (and likely first) time it was cool!



Love it or hate it, I admire that she took such a bold statement.



“There are rooms that we lived in once that stay in our minds and hearts forever.” This was the caption for her bedroom, shown below, designed in 1960. Quilts are even on the ceiling!



She recently posted the image below on her Instagram feed. Her current dining room, with a quilt covering the table, instead of a tablecloth.


So fun! You are awesome Gloria!

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