Join me at QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix!

Quiltcon 2022


Today is the official catalog release day for The Modern Quilt Guild’s Quiltcon 2022, happening in Phoenix, AZ February 16-20, 2022.I am thrilled to be teaching for Quiltcon again this year (3rd year in a row). Also pretty exciting is the idea that we’re opening up again and thinking about traveling.

I’ll be teaching 2 hand embroidery classes and would love you to join me-

Snowflake Embroidered Gingham Star and Woven Embroidery Sampler

Woven Embroidery Sampler


Learn unexpected and beautiful combinations of hand embroidery stitches in this workshop! Blair will walk you through nine different stitch patterns to create a sampler inspired by the look of vintage Dutch darning samplers. These were practice cloths used to learn new stitches and often framed and proudly displayed when completed. Each of the patterns you’ll learn will combine simple embroidery stitches, a bit of sashiko-type stitches, some vintage chicken scratch embroidery thrown in there, and even a little cross stitch. You’ll then level up your stitches by weaving and looping through them, which is downright magical! Proudly display your finished sampler and use it as a reference to inspire your future projects. If you have done simple hand embroidery, you have all the skills you need for this workshop.

Snowflake Embroidered Gingham Star

Quiltcon Gingham Embroidered Star


Snowflake embroidery, also known as chicken scratch embroidery, is vintage handwork. It is always stitched on gingham fabric and creates an unbelievably beautiful texture over the surface of the gingham. In this project-based class, you will learn this wonderful craft by hand stitching a classic eight-pointed star on a gingham panel to create a pillow or mini quilt. Blair has been stitching snowflake embroidery patterns in her popular block of the month program and will share all of the tips and tricks she has learned along the way. You will learn how different colors of thread can be stitched into different gingham squares on your cloth to create complex-looking (but surprisingly simple) optical illusions. It is truly magic!! This method of handwork can be incorporated into all kinds of projects you make, from quilts to curtains! If you have done simple embroidery before, you have all the knowledge you need to take this class.

The complete Quiltcon catalog is available online here.

Important Dates-

August 4, 2021– Registration opens for all Modern Quilt Guild Members at 10:00am EST. Preview the catalog, plan you list of preferred workshops and lectures, and have that ready on enrollment day.

August 19, 2021– Registration opens for non-MQG members at 10:00am EST

I hope to see you there! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for traveling!


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