Last days to register for Dream, Learn, Quilt!

Dream, Learn, Quilt!


Have you been thinking that you would like to make a quilt? Do you have fabric you’d really like to use in one?

Better yet- Want to proudly revel in the statement “I made this” coming from your mouth?

There are just a few more days to register for Dream, Learn, Quilt!, which starts on Tuesday, 1/1/19.


Why start at the beginning of the year? Why not? It feels like the perfect time to start learning something new (and cuddly). About 3 new years ago, I signed up for an online class. The first set of lessons were released on January 1st. I remember sitting in bed, coffee in hand, soaking in all the excitement of what was to come. It felt so hopeful and promising. That’s the way I want to feel in any new year.


Dream, Learn, Quilt! will start on January 1st for that very reason!

Early in the class, we’ll spend time discovering what inspires us, then spend time interpreting that inspiration into quilt form. Your own design, not a pattern from someone else. (Its really ok, and dare I say, fun!) As the weeks go on, I’ll teach you all kinds of ways to lay out your design and change your blocks if you’d like to. Because by that time you’ll have the confidence to do just that. We’ll meet online each week to cover all the questions you have.



The initial idea for this full immersion quilting class came about because I wanted to demystify the process. If you have ever felt like quilting was full of unachievable precision, tricky, time-consuming steps, and mismatched points, I want you to know that you aren’t alone, and that, in my world anyway, you’re wrong. Quilt making is fulfilling, inspiring, a hugely satisfying creative outlet, and a wonderful way to express yourself.



If you join now, you’ll get the sale price. But use the code dlq25 to also get an additional 25% off the class!


Here’s the basics- Class starts on Tuesday, January 1. A group of lessons are released every week for 6 weeks. After that, you will have continued access to the class for 6 more weeks. No pressure to cram everything into 6 weeks. Learn at a pace that works for your schedule.  Commit a couple of hours each week to learn a craft that will bring years of joy!


Register for Dream, Learn, Quilt!

Use DLQ25 for an additional 25% off now!

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