Learning to Make Repeating Patterns

blue fans by Wise Craft Handmade
I’ve wanted to feel comfortable using Adobe Illustrator for a while now. Back in what feels like the Ice Age in computer technology (the 90’s), when I worked in apparel design, I used a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system extensively, to make sales pages and color way mock ups, and I loved doing it. I was good at it, I loved being creative on the computer. My need to work on that type of system ended when I left the industry, and I haven’t really done more than dabble since then, rather clumsily too.
Scattered Flower on Dark Blue by Wise Craft Handmade
Last month, I took Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp, with the intention of really sitting down and learning what I needed to know to use Adobe Illustrator and design repeating patterns, “cram for exam” style. This class is really everything it claims to be, a bootcamp for surface pattern design. Two full days of intensive Illustrator work (a little Photoshop too). If you do the lessons and put in the time, you come out of the two days knowing how to create a repeating pattern in Illustrator. It was the much needed push I needed, and since then I’ve been practicing daily.
Dutch Tulips by Wise Craft Handmade
It’s so addictive! Once it clicked in my head and I finally got it, I wanted to see everything in repeat!
Ditsy Flower by Wise Craft Handmade
These are definitely humble first attempts, but it’s exciting to realize that a few weeks ago none of this made sense!
Pink Flowers by Wise Craft Handmade
I have vowed to continue daily practice until it all really sinks in. Already, what took me an hour at first can now take half the time.
Diamond Flower by Wise Craft Handmade
I don’t know where I will go with pattern design, or if it will go anywhere, but for now, it’s fun to feel confident at navigating my way around the program, and create pretty patterns. The excitement of learning something new never gets old!

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