Modern Scrap Quilt Class Student Work

Modern Scrap Quilts Using Color Value Online Class Work


My online class, Make Modern Scrap Quilts Using Color Value, is humming along and I’m so very excited to see some beautiful student work starting to show up!

I have learned so much about color value, both in my own work and in the process of teaching others. Often it’s the one thing missing from a quilt that seems to be missing that undefined “something” and we can’t put our finger on it. Color confidence, along with color value confidence, is something you can develop, and train your eye to understand. And to understand it YOUR way. One person’s ideal color value assortment in a quilt can be very different from another person’s assortment. That is what makes this work so interesting.

And endlessly variable! I discuss in the lessons that color value is relative. One solid or printed fabric is relatively darker or lighter to another print right beside of it. But it is not a clear light or dark value on its own. Confusing? Not in class!

I am so proud of my students (all 60 of them so far!) and the work they have done in the class. They have followed the prompts, made breakthroughs, and completed quilts. I am so excited by what I am seeing. Keep it coming everyone!

This class is an evergreen class, meaning its always open and you can enroll at any time. Once you’ve joined the class, you own it forever and can go back at any time to review the lessons and remind yourself of different techniques you may not have understood the first time around. It also means that I will add any new information in that will help you along the way. You ask questions and get direct responses from me. Its the next best thing to you and I being in the same room!

If you have plans to make a quilt for the holidays this year and have some fabrics in your stash you’d love to use up, join us in class and start making a quilt today!

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