Museum of International Folk Art

While we were in New Mexico, we visited the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. What an amazing museum! I had heard lots about it and was so excited to finally be able to go. I was told that when he entered the front door, Peter said “Geez, I think Blair could live here”.

He does know me well.
The Girard wing in particular, was where I would have set up my house if I did live there. It is truly a feast for the eyes! The story is that Alexander Girard and his wife began collecting in Mexico on their honeymoon, which began their love affair with folk art, miniatures, and all kinds whimisical objects. They collected more than 100,000 objects from 100 different countries, much of it on display in this wing. You can read more about this wing here.




I loved the section of samples and needlework-




My favorite section was of the papercuts from Poland. I could not stop looking at these. The colors and the shapes!





Art is only art when it is synonymous with living.

-Alexander Girard

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