Now offering 1 hour video quilt consultations

Quilting Consultation


During my online workshop Dream, Learn, Quilt! I have offered a one hour Skype/Facetime call to early enrollees. I am very excited to begin offering online quilting consultations to everyone! Feedback have always been resoundingly positive. Talking an idea through can really help to move past pondering and into action.

During these calls, we will discuss all kinds of questions- how to use the fabrics you have, design ideas, concerns, etc. I’ll be able to see the actual fabrics, and even other quilts you’ve made. This all gives me a real sense of where you are at and can help direct where we go in our conversation.

I have wanted to open this sort of thing up for a long time, and with my site redesign now completed, I was inspired to create a listing and open it up in my shop.

  • If you are thinking of making a quilt of any kind
  • Have a few ideas about where to start, but would like to talk them through
  • Have things you are unsure of


I promise these conversations will get you thinking and moving in a new direction. And in the comfort of our own home, having the tools and fabrics right there with us.


Book a 1 hr online quilt consultation


My job is so much about designing tools and giving confidence to inspire us to use our special fabrics. Whether the fabrics are  sentimental or prints can’t find anymore- we all have fabrics like these. It makes me sad when they sit on shelves for literally years. When they could be part of our lives, truly valued and enjoyed.

Leave a comment with questions below (likely others may be wondering the same). If you’d like to book a consultation, purchase the listing and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to get something scheduled.

If you would like to find out more about my online workshop- Dream, Learn, Quilt!, which was really what inspired this whole concept, visit this page. Be sure you are on the email list to know what registration opens up.

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