Organizing my studio Cabinet of Curiosities

Studio Cabinet


Happy New Year everyone!

I was inspired by my recent video with Tricia Fidler to work on my studio and get it reset for the new year. (If you didn’t see the video, it’s worth a watch and you can find it here.) In particular she talked about “personal power spots” in our creative spaces (or anywhere in our homes really). They are spots that get us inspired, containing things we love, with collections and anything that helps us feel sparks of joy.

Fern, my black studio cabinet, is definitely my personal power spot (my husband would argue that I have several of these spots around our house, but Fern is my favorite one). In my newest video, I shared how I cleaned and “reset” Fern for the new year, and I share some of my collections of vintage sewing notions in the process.

Organizing Fern

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