Flatter Smoothing Spray 8oz.- Assorted Scents


My favorite starch-free smoothing spray.

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A full size, 8.7 oz./248ml bottle

I absolutely love Flatter spray. I will spray this on every bit of patchwork I sew. A plant-derived, wrinkle-releasing flattening spray made of renewable ingredients, to use instead of starch (the cornstarch in starch can attract bugs in certain climates and storage situations). It smells wonderful, is gentle on the fabrics, and on the environment.

Pineapple Grove is the newest scent of the Flatter family, and now a favorite of mine. It smells so fresh and clean. “Sweet on the Inside”. Yuzu scent is what I recommend when someone is making a quilt using vintage fabrics. It’s a great scent to mask or cover scents on older fabrics when a slight scent remains after cleaning them.

I have come to associate the scents of Flatter spray with a productive sewing day in my studio!

Weight 10.1 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

Pineapple Grove, Yuzu

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