Glue-Baste-It Appliqué Glue


Pins can be pokey. Tiny dots of this glue have a LOT of hold!

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5 oz bottle of Glue-Baste-It appliqué glue. For stitching on-the-go or needle turned appliqué, this is my preferred “tool”. Iron-able, reposition-able, and washable.


A few tiny dots- applied on the wrong side of a cut shape I plan to appliqué, put into place on the base fabric, and allowed to dry for about 5 minutes- and the piece holds beautifully as long as you need it to.


Change your mind about its placement? Not to worry, just give a gentle tug to pull it off, and reposition it.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.325 × 1 in

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