Q(uilting) & Answer- Learn to make an easy string block

String piecing


As I say in the video.

This is crazy, folks.

Take care of yourselves. Let’s all try to keep social distance so that we won’t have to do this self-isolating any longer than we have to.


If you are sitting home with a bunch of fabric and need a creative prompt, try some string piecing. This simple 5″ block will give you a basic idea of Foundation Paper Piecing and what it means to literally sew fabric to paper. You get a little more stability and precision, and you just might be ready to make a whole quilt this way!


I had to upload the video before I could finish my own project, but I plan to make a fluffy floor pillow for my husband’s evening tv watching. His is pretty flat, so I’m making it large (25″ square) and extra fluffy by using two inserts.

String Piecing


Enjoy the video, hope it helps even one person feel creative. Take care everyone.



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Foundation string quilt block

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