Sew Tiny Sampler Holiday Ornaments

Sew Tiny Sampler Tree Ornaments


I have had this idea swimming around in my brain for a while now, and I finally got a chance to do it! Many of you may have heard of my friend Kitty Wilkin, of Night Quilter. She is the master of piecing teeny, tiny Foundation Paper Pieced blocks.

Kitty’s blocks are truly miniscule- the blocks below finish at 1 1/4″


Sew Tiny Sampler





what if I enlarged them just a bit, and turned them into ornaments?


Sew Tiny Sampler Tree Ornaments


My plan worked! These ornaments took me all of 1 hour to make three, once I’d purchased and downloaded Kitty’s pattern (available here as a PDF pattern). Such a fun way to top a gift or adorn a studio tree (something I’d like to put up if I have time).


Here’s how I did it-


I picked 3 of my favorite blocks to start with, and enlarged the FPP pattern page to 250% of the original size. My goal was to have these ornaments finish at about 3″ – 3 1/2″, so that worked out pretty well.

With my scrap bins close at hand by my sewing machine, I pulled fabrics from my scrap bin, trimmed them down to the rough shape plus a generous 1/2″ on all 4 sides (cause sewing on a piece and realizing that is too small makes me sad). I trimmed the seam allowances to 1/8″ instead of my usual 1/4″ because of the small size of these blocks (I LOVE using this “add an eighth” ruler for FPP this small.)


Once I’d finished the front block, I removed the paper and added a backing and a length of Perle cotton to hang it from. I experimented with stringing some beads on the Perle cotton.


From there, I turned each right side out, stuffed with polyfill, and hand stitched the opening closed. Done!


Sew Tiny Sampler Tree Ornaments


The lightweight denim/chambray one is from scraps I’d kept from my Dad’s shirts. I might have to make more of those. ❤️


Sew Tiny Sampler Tree Ornaments

I can’t stress enough how easy and fun these were! If you purchase Kitty’s PDF pattern, you will have lots of blocks to choose from and create. I think it would also be super cute to make a bunting of all the blocks!

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