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Sunny Center


I made this one a few days ago and I really like how the oranges & yellows contrast with the blues.

Just some random thoughts today~
*I really can’t wait for the new fabric collection from Denyse Schmidt to come out. I love her prints (you may have noticed that). They combine just the right amount of feminine and masculine for me, if that makes sense.
*I made my first screen using the PhotoEZ screenprint system. I am absolutely over the moon about how great not only the process is, but their customer service. They realized several days after they’d shipped my package that they’d left out 2 pieces that we supposed to be included with my set, notified me, and shipped them out. I never even realized they weren’t included. Anyway, this set is thoroughly explained in Amy’s new book. All this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Although it is possible to get my screens burned from several folks in town, the idea that I can use this system- all the supplies are there – and burn a screen using the sun in a minute is life-changing people, life-changing! I bought the high-res set because what I wanted to turn into a screen has lots of detail, and it worked like a charm. I can’t show the screen (Christmas gifts) but I have plans to do another screen and I’ll share that one. Cool stuff!
I am going to try to keep blogging a little each day. Thank you for reading along.