The Cranes Released

Our school auction was this past weekend. Rooms full of flowering branches and origami cranes. I must say, it looked really beautiful in its simplicity. (Many of those cranes have been hanging in my studio for a few weeks and I was kind of sad to see them go.) The multi-colored ones pictured above were the 1000 cranes folded by Ian’s 2nd grade class, and were hung from branches on either side of the stage. (We’re planning to give a strand of cranes to each of the kids, the rest for the teacher.) The 3 silent auction rooms were designated by color, the 1st one was white, 2nd was pink, and the 3rd was blue. We folded monochromatic cranes and made simple arrangements in single colors to coordinate and designate which area was which.


Being involved in school events like this every year remind me of how much energy it takes from a school’s community to pull it off. Of course its the kids we are really doing all this for, but I love the parents I am surrounded by, and really enjoy getting to know new ones every year, so much positive energy. It makes all the hard work so much more fun.

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