The New Found & Foraged Collection


The Found and Foraged Collection has been an idea in the making for a long time. My thought was to create a way to inspire me to keep producing original work. So often, when a creative passion turns into a business, the process can become overwhelmingly uninspiring. It can seem like too much computer work, not enough playing with fabric and thread. I don’t want that to happen. So why not challenge myself to create new pieces of art? New pieces that allow me to play with new creative ideas, concepts, and materials. It has been pure joy to work on these pieces.


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Each piece of the Found & Foraged Collection is hand stitched and hand made, in every way. This collection is created in partnership with artisans I whose work I truly admire, The resulting are made with love and care. You will want to keep them forever.


The brooches and pendants are made from hardwood bezels which are handmade and polished, (not laser cut in mass quantity). Sashiko patterns are hand stitched onto vintage Japanese indigo cloth.




The wall pieces are made from vintage trims and fabrics, collected from all over the world. All stitched with plant and indigo dyed cotton yard. Framed with vintage black forest cuckoo clock frames. For those reasons, these pieces straddle old and new (like me!).



The pincushions are small pieces of art in every sense. Made in collaboration with ceramic artisan Kristen Ballou. She makes the vessels, I make the tops. Each part of the work complementing the other maker’s work. Kristen describes her inspiration for these best- “With these small pieces, I want them to resonate an old-world ambience. Almost like that of the feel and tone of an antique map- muted, grounded, useful. Inspired by a Japanese “yunomi”, the everyday tea cup, special but purposeful.” Salt-glazed cups produce a beautifully imperfect surface, creating lots of intricate color variations.


I have hand stitched the tops with various Sashiko stitch patterns, using the same vintage Japanese indigo cloth and hand dyed thread I’ve used throughout the collection.



This collection has truly inspired me creatively, exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you to everyone who helped me create this collection. I hope you will have a look!


See the Found & Foraged Collection


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