Baby Clothes Quilt

Nuts and Bolts pattern
I finished a commission last week for a baby clothes quilt. I do a few of these a year and I really enjoy each project (if you are interested, I have details in my shop). I created 3 different layout possibilities for the client, but in the end, they went with a layout very much like my Nuts and Bolts quilt pattern. From there, its all about creating harmony out of a baby’s wardrobe. All those pieces of clothing were never meant to match each other, so the challenge is always bring cohesion and unity to things that don’t relate. Its one of my favorite parts of the process. This step can take some time, but not because I overthink it. I’ve been doing this long enough to not do too much of that anymore. The simmering process is where things start to make sense and come together, and I don’t want to whizz through that.  While that happens, all of the knit fabric must be stabilized, piece by piece. It takes a while, but is worth the extra effort. If you are interested in my process, I will be outlining how I make these quilts in my book due out in Early Spring 2017, the title of which is finalized (yay!) Wise Craft Quilt: Turning Beloved Fabrics Into Personal Patchwork.
I hope this quilt is used and loved for many years. With stories told around it, and memories found in it.

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