Bloomed Skirt, Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin
Longtime readers might remember when I started this skirt, from the Alabama Stitch Book. I put it away for almost a year during a time when I had no luck making anything I could wear… nothing fit, nothing hung right (lots of disasters I won’t waste time sharing). But it was such an enjoyable project to make, all it took was me cleaning out the studio shelf it was on to remember how much I loved it.
Alabama Chanin
I had to finish it! And I did! It only took a few days to, even after realizing I’d cut it too small, at which point I actually had to add a 5th panel, the pattern calls for 4 panels (ahem…). I added the panel, then carefully made all the panels a bit smaller, and that seemed to do it. It was my first adventure with sewing on FOE at the waist and it was so easy (a quick tweet to Ms. Chicken to confirm that I should stretch it out as I’m sewing it on this type of fabric, a knit, and I was on my way). Result? It truly is the most comfortable skirt I own. I was worried that knotting the thread on the wrong side versus the right side (as on this shirt) might be a mistake, but its totally comfortable. I’m actually a little sad its done and I’m ready to start another project from the book. There’s something about having a handstitching project available at random times when I can work on it (sitting at night, waiting for the kid’s at their classes) makes me feel like I’m getting a little extra done, you know? I’ve been sewing like crazy. Just tell me I’ll have no time to sew with the kids home for the summer and watch me make every effort to prove you wrong. I will share with you this week.
Alabama Chanin
Thanks for all the happy thoughts on the camp pillow. She had it with her when I dropped her off at camp today. The house feels quiet (although we have Ian here and he is a chatterbox in every sense of the word). We’ve already emailed her. You moms know the feeling…happy and anxious for her, all at the same time.

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