Britex Fabrics

Britex front Entrance, Wise craft Handmade
We took the kids on an urban vacation for Spring Break this year, San Francisco. While we were there, I visited the four floors of unbelievable awesomeness that is Britex Fabrics.
(insert angelic singing here)
This store truly has it all. If you can imagine it, it lives here. The staff was friendly and helpful. The customers were giddy. Just to just be there. A woman in from Hawaii was so overwhelmed and thrilled she actually hugged and kissed me. (I now call her Auntie.) It wasn’t odd at all, I knew she was just overcome with the feeling of being in the midst of her people.
I understood.
Britex trim-  Wise craft Handmade

Floor 3, every imaginable trim item you could imagine.

Britex trim- Wise craft Handmade
Britex fabric-  Wise craft Handmade

2nd floor, where I realized this was not going to stop for 2 more floors and freaked out a little.

Britex fabric- Wise craft Handmade

1st floor. That nice lady is cutting my fabric.

I was a bit overwhelmed too. But! I had to keep it together- I’ve promised myself no unnecessary fabric purchases this year. So, after doing an initial sweep of all four floors, I started over on the top floor and carefully chose a few special pieces. Most of what I bought are for a project I can’t tell you about just yet (but soon). I had my eye on some gorgeous wool I’d come across literally right by the front entrance. Kind of a just because it’s beautiful purchase, a little indulgent, but I justified being able to feel the quality, see it up close, and I decided I’d be sad if I left it behind.
Britex fabric-  Wise craft Handmade
I mean, it’s soft, it’s beautiful, it’s pink, and it has deer on it!

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