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Upcycled patchwork, modern quilts, and books by Blair Stocker. Seattle, Washington
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MayaMade Buckets, and Books

MayaMade buckets
I’ve wanted a whole family of MayaMade buckets for the longest time. They are so lovingly designed (repurposing old coffee bags into useful things like this is genious), Maya has a keen attention to detail and a great aesthetic. When she made her bucket pattern available as a pdf pattern, I clicked as fast as I could and tore through the house, looking for that coffee bag I had somewhere, but, alas, it has vanished. I do have home dec weight fabric though, and that works for these buckets too. So, I spent today with kids seemingly happy and content just staying and hanging around the house, and sewed up a few of Maya’s buckets. OK, five. The pattern is flawless, I know its been tested many times and it shows.
MayaMade buckets
MayaMade buckets
These all were made from fabric I had here at home (some left over Denyse Schmidt and Lotta Jansdotter linen), and believe it or not, I also had the heavy natural canvas needed for the inside (which gives these buckets nice body to stand up tall). The two yellow larger ones will go in our family room (which could use a dozen more, really), the smaller ones in my sewing room, and the last large one on our stairs, so things that need to go up will go in there…and mom won’t break her leg stepping on things.
Which leads me to a question for you all out there with 10 year old’ish daughters. Emma and I are part of a mother/daughter group that meets once a month or so. Our goal is simple…to spend time together, with moms and daughters we love, and find ways to talk about social and emotional issues that are coming up in these girls’ lives, as they begin puberty and all that goes with that. Our summer meeting schedule is loose, but we will have two meetings, and we are doing a book discussion format for these summer meetings. Having a book discussion has been very successful for these girls, it keeps the focus off any one real life situation (which can feel uncomfortable at this age) and places the emphasis on the characters we’ve all read about.
MayaMade buckets
For the first one, we’ve chosen The Hundred Dresses.  We (the facilitator and myself) are in summer mode, and not ready to discuss many of the books out there for this age group, like Are You There God Its Me Margaret (which I’m rereading right now), but we really want there to be an appropriate amount of discussion of emotional development. We are also trying to be sensitive that these girls have required summer reading to do for next year, so we want to keep it manageable. I would love and welcome suggestions from you guys on anything you think would fit into what we are looking for. I will compile a list and share it here. Thank you!