Modern Sewciety Podcast

Modern Sewciety Podcast
Recently I sat down and had a nice long chat with Stephanie, creator of the Modern Sewciety Podcast. The minute I heard Stephanie’s Southern drawl, I knew I’d like her. We talk about a lot of things, my former career in the apparel design industry (which seems more and more glamorous the longer I’m away from it), my passion for using special fabrics in quilts, my love of color, and my upcoming class Dream, Learn, Quilt.

Listen to the podcast episode here.


Wise Craft in Knit Wit Magazine

Knit Wit Magazine 1
Have you discovered the magazine Knit Wit? A gorgeous magazine full of inspiring stories, eye candy, and all kinds of love for fiber-related things. I was honored to have a piece in Issue 6, which is available now. In it, I discuss more of the back story behind the Willy Loman quilt project in Wise Craft Quilts, and share a peek at its sister quilt, Turquoise Trail. Both of these quilts are part of what inspired me to write my book back when I made them from salesman sample swatches given to me by a friend. Funny how things happen.

I'm on the Crafty Planner Podcast

Crafty Planner

Hi everyone! Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Sandi, aka Crafty Planner, for her Crafty Planner podcast. We talked quite a bit about this like my quilts and current work, my background in apparel and fabric design, #myquiltcouldlivehere, my upcoming book, and my new quilt patterns. It occurred to me later that I have never talked much about my design background, but recently I’ve come to realize it is very important to my work, and I draw a lot from my color background in particular. Plus I just love talking about making things! Sandi is very easy to talk to and asked some very thoughtful questions. You can listen to our conversation here. And I do hope if you are listening, you are doing something fun and creative at the same time.
Thank you so much for talking with me Sandi! Happy Monday everyone!

A Tour of my Studio

The folks at CreativeLive came over to film my workspace a few weeks ago. They asked me if I would like to film a tour of my studio, and I said yes immediately! Mainly because I don’t think there’s nearly enough basement studio spaces represented out there, and for a lot of us, a basement space offers the most amount of square footage we can dedicate to making creative messes. For me, it keeps my work (and play) away from the rest of the daily living that goes on in the house.

ColorForms Exhibit at SPAC

ColorForms exhibit
I am honored to be among the quilt makers asked by Jessica Vehorn to contribute a piece to the newest exhibit at the Seattle Pacific Arts Center. READ MORE

You Inspire Me To Quilt

Last year, I got an email from my friend Cheryl, asking if I would like to contribute to a new book she was writing. I would have said yes before I even heard the project description, but what she described sealed the deal for me. You Inspire Me To Quilt is for all of us who are constantly presented with those sometimes harebrained, sometimes, off the wall, and sometimes sweet and inspirational ideas from our loved ones. As I contributor to the book, I was asked by Cheryl to take one of those ideas and turn it into a quilt. I was excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to do.READ MORE

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