Library Journal: Wise Craft Quilts Among Best Books of 2017 - Wise Craft Handmade
Upcycled patchwork, modern quilts, and books by Blair Stocker. Seattle, Washington
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Library Journal: Wise Craft Quilts Among Best Books of 2017

Library Journal Best of 2017

I was very honored to have Wise Craft Quilts named one of the “Best Books of 2017” in Library Journal Magazine! Not only is it an honor to be chosen, but to be chosen by a group of people who are deeply immersed in all things book each and every day. I find it doubtful there are books these folks haven’t looked at. So I am especially grateful to have my work recognized.
When my 2 kids were growing up, we made weekly trips to the library. It was one of the few public places I felt I could say yes more than no. The Seattle libraries we frequented respected the need for small children to move and play, as well as enjoy books. They offered story time, crafts, and dedicated areas for kids to roam and explore. Each week, my kids would grab as many books as their arms (and later the home sewn bags I made for them) could hold. We would come home from those trips and pile on the couch and read book after book, immersed in new stories.
Ok, truth be told, sometimes they would “read” and I would fall asleep (shhhh…). Ah, the life of a young, exhausted mother.
I often thought of what a book I wrote would look like on library shelf. This cause me to place more than necessary focus on what the spine of my books would look like. I’m happy to say I’m pleased with my “spines”. When I wrote Wise Craft Quilts, I set out to make a quilting book that was filled not just with the practical, useful knowledge I myself would have wanted as a new quilter, but one that was also genuinely inspiring to look at. A true jumping off point for creativity. It is my sincere hope that through my words and Stephanie’s gorgeous photography, we were able to provide that creative ledge.
A very nice way to cap off my year! Thank you to everyone who has bought the book, left a review on Amazon, checked the book out from your local library, made something from the book, shared something online you liked about the book- it all helps to inform others about my work and I am truly grateful.
Library Journal Best of 2017