Temperature Quilt progress

It blows me away to think I’ve been working on this 2024 temperature quilt for almost half a year now. Is it the act of recognizing these sort of details for each day what makes it all seem to zoom by?READ MORE

First full column of my 2024 temperature quilt

As I so often do, I am head-first, gung-ho all about this temperature quilt! As I should be, I guess. It’s important to take advantage of inspiration when it hits and I was lacking inspiration at the end of 2023. But for whatever reason, this project lifted my eyes up and got me thinking creatively again.READ MORE

First 5 days of my temperature quilt

First 5 days of my temperature quilt
I have completed the first 5 days of my temperature quilt. I did them all at once (instead of one each day). This may be the way it goes with this project, we’ll see! I’m geeking out on the record keeping aspect of the whole thing- looking at the temps each day, being mindful of the lows. READ MORE

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