Letters from Camp

I know it happens. They grow…they spread wings…they gain independence…yes, yes I know every bit of that, I always have. But experiencing it as a parent is both thrilling and tugging at my heart. The endless push and pull of little ones, growing.READ MORE

Summer Camp Pillow

Summer Camp Pillow
Emma leaves for summer camp on Sunday. Her first time, if you don’t count the two camping trips she’s gone on with her school, which were short and heavily chaperoned by parent friends who were a cell phone call away. This one is 4 days, and about an hour away. A perfect starter one (for me as much as for her).READ MORE

Summer Vacation Rules

summer vacation
Hello first week of summer vacation. Let’s see, so far we have made our own bubble mix and bubble wands, made our father’s day gifts and cards, been to a concert, had very long (but fun) playdates, grilled out, played games, been to Portland, we’ve been to the water, limitless kid crafting, had some really fun music in heavy rotation, made cookies, painted wooden articulated lizards, filled up our Ipods and listened to them, and watched a couple movies.
Keep in mind we are wrapping up our first week. I am completely exhausted.READ MORE


Not puttering, but puddering around the house this afternoon, sipping the coffee Peter just brought me from the shop down the street…its been such a busy week…nice to be able to putz and pudder…
I see a kitty who wants to nap, but is too distracted by the birds.

Around here


The sunlight is changing our daily living space inside as well as outside. Peter and I have been fantasy shopping for a house (an emphasis on fantasy, because, really, who are we kidding??), but truth be told, things are feeling kind of nice around here these days. The yard is getting weeded and cleaned, and I’m doing my usual knick-knack-move-around the house this week- which is what I do when I don’t know what to do, but want to do something creative (do you follow? am I alone in doing this?). I feel like I’m close to bursting with new ideas for things to sew and knit and make, but knowing it can’t happen all at once, I’m trying to figure out how to pace myself, or bottle up this incredible enthusiasm and give myself a little dab behind the ears every few days.  Because, then, I figure, it actually stands a chance of happening.

A good place to start…a little water and wool therapy this morning. Felted rocks. Not quite dry, and I have more to make. So fun to make.
*I wanted to add that those terrariums in the first shot (or our family variation with what we had here at the house, those are quirky little glass vases we found in the basement) were made a few weeks ago, around the same time the Stephanie posted about terrariums on 3191. Make these with your kids, they are so easy and fun, made even more exciting when they actually thrive and grow!

Organizing with Drawstring Bags

drawstring bag pattern
drawstring bag pattern
When there is a lot of ’round the house tasks to be done, I like to think that’s just all part of the quality time my family and I spend together when we all take part. (There are those here who would disagree.) READ MORE

How It Goes Down Around Here

Melissa mentioned watching 4 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore while getting some solitary sewing done a few weeks ago and I gasped. “You can watch Mary Tyler Moore?” “On hulu.com“? “No kidding!” To which Peter did a little eye roll and the kids asked “what’s Marytylermoore?”READ MORE

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