Holiday Ornament DIY From Costume Jewelry

Holiday Ornament DIY
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. This holiday ornament DIY is from plain old costume jewelry I found at the thrift store for next to nothing. First I picked out some necklaces, brooches, and earrings that were extra sparkly. Back at home, I cleaned them up, and did a little disassembling. Using some tools we have around the house, like needle nose pliers and metal cutters, I broke or cut off any parts I wouldn’t be using. Then I used some 20 gauge artistic wire to fashion a loop to hang it on the tree. On some of them I added satin ribbon for a little color.

Holiday Ornament DIY
I love projects that utilize forgotten costume jewelry. In fact, I taught a whole class about it on Creativelive that has even more ideas!
Holiday Ornament DIY

(Photos by Armstrong Pitts Studio)

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Holiday Ornament DIY by Wise Craft Handmade

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