Crocheted Disks

crochet doily
I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to revisit some of the projects from my first book, like these crocheted disks. It seems like every time I completed a book project, I immediately had to put it aside to move on to the next one. Just when I was super inspired to keep going!
This project, from the Fall chapter of my book (pictured above), are the perfect beginner project for anyone who wants to learn some crochet. Once you get the basic idea, all you need to make this completely portable is a ball of scrap yarn, and a hook. Stash them in your purse and you’ve got something to keep yourself busy anywhere.

Once you have a number of them completed, you can sew them together to make all kinds of things. I made a table runner for the book, but now I am remaking a new set of them in colors from the Summer chapter to make something new with. Maybe a scarf, pillow cover, placemat, garland. Not sure yet. The possibilities for using these are limitless. (I’ve just tied some to the top of a wrapped baby gift.)


I’m keeping a basket of them near my chair for evening TV viewing. I need something to look down at, away from the TV screen, during the finale of The Following.

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