DIY Decayed Halloween Flowers

Decayed Halloween Flowers


These forgotten and decayed, web-covered Halloween flowers are made from loving cup trophies. The ones that end up at the thrift store are usually metallic painted plastic and are easy to repaint (they are practically begging to be used). Easy to repaint and do all sorts of DIY’s with, like these Halloween arrangements. The large one is nice all on its own for to spook up your décor, and the smaller ones make great place card holders or party favors. See another way I’ve used trophies for Halloween décor here.

Decayed Halloween Flowers

Decayed Halloween Flowers

Decayed Halloween Flowers

  • Loving cup trophies
  • Spray Paint in both a primer gray and black
  • Fake flowers (white ones are easiest to spray paint)
  • Twigs and branches
  • Floral foam
  • Fake spiders and spider webbing
  • Hot glue

1. Remove the cups from their bases to paint. Spray the cups primer gray and the bases in black. A few light coats should do it. Spray the flowers, stems, and leaves with the primer gray and allow everything to dry.
2. Attach the cups back to their bases. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit down inside each cup. Poke the flower stems down into the floral foam to fill the cup’s opening. Add a few twigs until you have a nicely shaped arrangement (some droopy flowers are good). Using a hot glue gun, add clusters of moss, and maybe a bug or two.
Decayed Halloween Flowers
3. Finish off with spider webbing covering the entire arrangement, and add a few spiders with hot glue.
Decayed Halloween Flowers
4. Additionally, you can type out spooky words on the computer, and add to the front of the base.
Decayed Halloween Flowers
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