Dream, Learn, Quilt! online quilt class coming in September

Dream Learn Quilt!
I have been working on something really exciting this Summer. Why I picked Summer, I’m really not quite sure, but I did! My self-imposed deadline apparently worked because my very first online class, Dream, Learn, Quilt! will launch this Fall!
I really love teaching others that they can quilt. Because they can quilt! And yet they feel overwhelmed by all the information that they see online. In person classes and workshops are really the best way to learn, but that’s not always possible. Also, while an all day workshop can teach you a LOT of what you need to know about quilting, at the end of the day we say goodbye and usually take an unfinished quilt top home to finish on our own.
In Dream, Learn, Quilt! I am presenting you with an entirely brand new way of learning how to quilt. Its truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We will learn quilting in a private classroom, online, among others who are learning right alongside you. Throughout the entire class, all 6 weeks, I will deliver lessons to you each week and will be completely available for questions and tips. I’ve pulled out all my tricks to share what I know. From using loved, vintage, saved, old, or new fabric- how to clean it, stabilize it if necessary, and design a quilt with it. From how to set up your sewing space and how to create a toolkit of all the basics you need to begin as a quilt maker.
I have limited the class in size so that I can offer lots of individual attention to anyone who needs it. We will also be able to support each other and share within a secret FB group.
This class REALLY IS like the next best thing to being there. You can find out more details, when sign ups open, etc. by joining the mailing list. More soon!

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