Explore Your Enthusiasm Podcast

Explore Your Enthusiasm Podcast With Tara Swiger
What are you enthusiastic about? Just a quick post to let you know that I am on the podcast Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger! Tara and I have known each other online for a long time, finally met in person at Craftcation, and sat down together in their podcast room to record our talk for her show.     (Look at the rainbow backdrop in the recording room, that room was so fun!). We talked about my book, my blog, my downloadable quilt patterns, speaking in front of a group (I share a trick I do when prepping to speak,and, of course, what I’m enthusiastic about right now. Tara is so easy to talk to, it was the easiest interview I can remember. I hope you’ll give it a listen!
Access the podcast here.

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