#myquiltcouldlivehere : Flying Geese Quilt

Flying Geese Quilt by Wise Craft HandmadeThe Flying Geese Quilt.
Truth be told, I wasn’t loving this color palette once I started creating the geese units. I felt like I’d added in too many “off” colors, and things just didn’t feel right somehow. I had put the units away for a few months, not sure if I’d finish it.  I decided to start working with the design again just before Urban Craft Uprising. I took out some of the flying geese units that didn’t feel like they worked in the overall feel, and things started to come together much better. Love that feeling of salvaging a design with a few thoughtful changes. I flowed the color across the quilt top so the more saturated colors stayed in specific clusters in the overall design. In the end, I liked the design so much, I made a matching pillow.

Where would this quilt live? Although I think it would be happy in lots of different atmospheres, lively amounts of color all around this quilt would make it most happy. Give it some yellow, some pink, some dark grays. Not loads of it, just a bit, here and there, to support all the movement in the design of this quilt.

Flying Geese Quilt Collage by Wise Craft Handmade
(Clockwise from top right: Felt succulents/Deep Teal Room/Bedroom/Dries Van Noten book/Succulent Wall/Gray sofa/Flying Geese Quilt
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