Fun in the Snow

Front porch snow
Quite a contrast from the last time I looked at this pot.
Snowing like crazy out there. Part of me loves it, part of me starts to get a little claustrophobic. What about you?
I should be doing anything other than making felt ornaments, but that’s what I’m doing. (I did clean up my closet today, thank you.) I found these over on the Martha Stewart website and am gathering materials to start (its good for me to pick things that I have supplies on hand for, because I need to use up some of these supplies bad). In fact, I’m kind of picking through my ornaments this year and getting rid of some of those fillers from years past. I get in these moods every 3 years or so, like clockwork. Some years I’m looking for the sparkle, other years I’m looking for the wooly, handmade look. I waffle entirely too much. In fact, if I could teleport myself over to Anthro right now I’d buy up most of their ornaments because most are on sale. And they’ve got twinkle and wooly.

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