Fussy Cutting for the #wisecraftstitchalong

fussy cut
Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response to the #wisecraftstitchalong! We had a little bit of a blip there when the first big batch of kits I shipped out had been delivered to me missing some vital pieces, but we have gotten all that figured out (whew!) and folks should have their replacement pieces by now. If you received a kit and don’t have the elongated hexagon shapes that you need to complete this project, please email me at blairwisecraft@gmail.com and let me know.
Alyssa Thomas of Penguin and Fish is going to be stitching her own version of the #wisecraftstitchalong this coming Monday evening! Be sure to “Like” her Facebook page in order to see her stitch and comment on the video. Alyssa does such a great job with these stitch along videos on FB, and she’ll be doing hers from beginning to end!
Please start posting images of your supplies and ideas for fabrics online next week, tagging them with #wisecraftstitchalong so we can all see and get inspired. I will be doing the same. In fact, I’m working on a fussy cut version (above) using my friend Betz White’s newest fabric line Juxtaposey.

View the full playlist of this stitch along on my YouTube Channel


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