Gaining Momentum

I’m so happy that Ian’s quilt is coming together, these projects sit on my worktable for far too long these days. All I needed was a reasonable deadline. Not a crazy one, a doable one. I was thinking of this when I was watching Project Runway with Emma today. I mean, how the heck do those designers really know they’ll get it done in time? How much of those garments are actually glued together I wonder?
Anyway, those strips in the photo get sewn together and are the marquee’s around the solid squares, which are light gray. I’m really happy with the patterns I chose for this one. That was the challenge of this quilt, 90% of what I looked at would not have worked for this Lego-lovin’, Warriors reading, soccer playing 8 year old. He has very strong opinions about almost everything in his world and will literally hold his ears if he hears anything he considers girly or babyish, so I had to tread lightly through the world of patterned quilting cottons. One flower and he’ll banish it.




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