Geode Redo

I bought this geode while out thrift shopping several months ago and its just been sitting on a shelf in my studio ever since. I love the pink striations of the geode, but the back is kind of, well. I think its kind of ugly.

When I was Anthropologie last week, I saw several geode/agate slices displayed on tables, the edges were covered in gold. They were over $100, but it got me thinking about my sad little agate piece at home. I had some silver leaf left over from a failed bathroom project, so I decided to play around with covering the not so pretty back. For quite a bit less than $100.



I may actually display this piece somewhere now. I left the flecks and imperfect edges and only cleaned up a tiny bit here and there, with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. I polished the side with the geode with a polishing cloth to give it a shine.
I forget about metal leafing, but it fits perfectly with all the gold and shiny home decor trends around lately.  It’s always fun to make something inexpensive feel a little more special and interesting.

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