Get ready for the next #wisecraftstitchalong- Boro Quilt

Boro Quilt on sofa


I polled folks recently, to find out what type of technique or project we should learn together next. The votes were overwhelmingly for recreating a quilt like “Boro” from my book, Wise Craft Quilts


We did a Japanese Sashiko #wisecraftstitchalong in the group a few months ago, also directly inspired by this same quilt. Sashiko stitching embellishes the surface of the quilt in several places. This time around, however, we will be constructing the actual quilt, not just the decorative stitches. (Be sure and look at the videos of that previous stitchalong if you’re interested in learning Sashiko, all on my YouTube channel.)

Not sure what “Boro” is or what I’m even talking about? (What in the world is she talking about??) Here’s an excerpt from my book that describes the project-


Boro is a Japanese term that means “tattered cloth” or “rags”. It represents the patched, handstitched, made-do tradition of mending cloth in Japan.”


This is a technique the Japanese have used for centuries to make larger pieces of useable cloth out of remnants, tattered rags, and other small bits of fabric. A way of extending the life of the fabrics that had been worn to literal pieces. Not unlike the early American idea of quilt making, just with an interesting twist. Got a hole in a piece of fabric that was otherwise still very useable? Simply put a patch over the hole with another piece of fabric to strengthen it. Continue layering on pieces of cloth as needed to create a durable, strong textile that could be used in a variety of ways. The large Boro cloth pieces created this way were used for all sorts of things- futon covers, jackets, etc.


Boro Quilt from Wise Craft Quilts


In Wise Craft Quilts, I wanted to show that this technique is something you can use with fabrics that have special meaning, as well as fabric that is no longer useable. And that’s how we will approach it for the #wisecraftstitchalong.



Boro Quilt

Some inspirational images that I pulled together for the Boro Quilt (See this page for image attribution).



❖ F A Q ❖


▶︎Is the #wisecraftstitchalong free?

The only supply required is a copy of my book*. You will want to have handy while you work on this project (available in my shop and on Amazon, as well as many local bookstores).

There are products in my shop that I use during these stitchalongs, and I will mention these in my videos, but its not necessary to purchase them in order complete the project.

*(Do you own a copy of the book already? Please consider leaving a review on Amazon. This really helps others decide to purchase it as well as giving it a bump in searches.)


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▶︎Does my quilt have to look like yours?

Definitely not. You are free to choose the fabrics, colors, and styles that speak to you to make your own version of this quilt. I will walk you through the basic method of design and construction, to give you a place to start and encouragement to keep going.

▶︎Is there a deadline to finish the quilt?

We will stitchalong for 4-5 weeks, but we will continue to cheer you on as long. But the only deadline is the one we will impose on ourselves! I personally love having a deadline to keep me moving and getting things done. However, if deadlines stress you out, feel free to disregard any silly talk of deadlines and just move through the stitchalong at your own pace.




Week One: Color and size choices

Week Two: Constructing the quilt top

Week Three: Adding patches and hand stitching to the quilt top


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