Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 11

Granny Square Sampler
(Find all the assignments on this page.)
I’m glad some of you were able to use last week to play catch up on your squares. I myself still have a few squares to catch up on, so don’t dispair if this is you. We’ve been finishing Emma’s room, which I’ll be showing you hopefully next week!
I have gotten some emails from folks nominating squares they like around the web. I love this, please send any squares you think would work in this sampler ! I can’t promise that I can include every one of them, but will try my best.
This square suggestion was given to me by Jill, a popcorn flower. Erin assigned us a square with some texture from week 9. Let’s add more texture this week. This square is from Teresa of Crochet Geek, and she brilliantly provides a YouTube video as well as written instructions AND a diagram. So there you go.
Assignment: Make 3 of these this week. As always, vary your color combinations. If you are using a border color (like cream, for me), make sure one of these has that color as its border color.
I will be making mine over the weekend, and will put a picture up on the post when I finish.
As always, please leave any questions in the comment section.

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