Halloween In May?


Are you guys as busy as we are? School activities really ramp up for us as the school year nears its end, and I never see this coming until its looking me square in the face, surprises me every year. This was a little respite we had after school yesterday. Playing our own casual version of Scrabble/Bananagrams/How Many Words Can you Spell?? is an easy easy game for us, no real winners or losers makes it okay for everyone. (The etsy seller I bought these from seems to not have any for sale at the moment, sadly. These letter tiles have a zillion uses!)
I have resisted thrifting for several months now, we just don’t need more stuff. But Peter and I are actually doing a project involving thrifting and I needed to go (imagine!). Sometimes, I strike gold, like this pure woolen blanket, which I will clean up and store till next winter. (Maybe for my one day tiny cabin by the sea??) All the other things I found are being cleaned and introduced to my little friend, black spray paint, for-
No kidding! Its the Halloween show around here for the next week or so as we get ready for this client project. At least I can do it outside. Its funny how I feel more inspired by Halloween right now than I usually do in October. I don’t know, I feel a Halloween party in 2009.
In the meantime, I am going to eek out some time to make some drawstring bags for the shop, and some other things. I’ve got some ideas inspired by the Treehouse Appreciation Society. When I pop in, I promise not to tell scary stories and yell trick or treat.

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