How It Goes Down Around Here

Melissa mentioned watching 4 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore while getting some solitary sewing done a few weeks ago and I gasped. “You can watch Mary Tyler Moore?” “On“? “No kidding!” To which Peter did a little eye roll and the kids asked “what’s Marytylermoore?”
Well, I showed them. That was weeks ago, and when grandparents call in to say hello these days, they never laugh harder than when Ian says, “Um, I gotta go now and get my pajamas on, cause mom says we can watch Mary Tyler Moore before bed.”  They bring down their stuffed animals, rally round the laptop, and start singing the season one version of the theme song. They have their favorite characters. They make their own mock news shows and cue cards with my video camera-

And to further our trip back in time, Peter brought home Captain Crunch cereal last night. Now, it is an old favorite breakfast food of mine from childhood, but in this house though, Captain Crunch is not called cereal, its called dessert. And everybody makes such a big deal out of it around here, I’m also calling it crack. Here’s the dinner conversation last night.
Ian: Mom, guess what Dad got us at the grocery store. CAPTAIN CRUNCH!
Peter: Oh man, Ian! You told!

Blair: What’s wrong P, feel a little busted, do you?
Ian: YAB Dad.
Peter: What’s YAB?
Ian: You Are Busted!
Peter: Well, BFD.
Blair: Excuse me?!
Ian: What’s BFD?
Peter: Big Fire Department.

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