Lavender Sachets
Apparently I am. There’s really no better way to describe it. It was a really busy fall/early winter season for us, and apparently I’m on the other end of it. Whenever I can, I’m cocooning myself in quilts, with a cat on my lap and a crossword puzzle or a stack of design books to keep my busy. I feel a bit lazy but I think I needed it. I’m thinking a lot about what I want to make next. (Because, around here, quilt making and big projects like that tend to get thought about in the middle of winter, and made in the middle of summer for some crazy reason.)
Anybody else out there hibernating? Any thoughts on when should we plan to re-emerge?
But, we smell nice as we hibernate, oh yes we do!
I made sachets for all of our closets (and then some) last week. Impressive, I know. Quick, easy, really satisfying little project, one that I just never take the time to do. I used dried lavender and mixed it with some aroma beads scented with this amazing spruce oil. I put the aroma beads, about a cup, in a lidded jar, poured in a small bottle of the essential oil, closed the lid and shook it all up. About 2 days later, the oil was completely absorbed by the beads and my whole studio smelled like heaven when I opened the lid. I got all the supplies locally at Zenith Supplies, but you can order aroma beads online from many sources. Now, whenever I open our closets I get this amazing, yet subtle smell. Almost makes me forget the lack of organization in there.
I’m really thinking I should make some draft stoppers  for our windows next. I feel a slight draft over here, where I’m sitting and crossword puzzling… And I want to make some of Melissa’s bread, because I need something to nibble on…
Ok, I’m climbing back under my quilt. xo

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