Introducing my newest quilt pattern, Portal



A few months ago I previewed the new lines shipping to quilt stores this March from the designers at Ruby Star Society. I was immediately drawn to Rashida Coleman-Hale’s line called “Stellar”. It is full of happy, space-related prints done with a whimsical twist. And bits of gold! I was inspired to create a quilt pattern for it almost immediately.


The resulting quilt pattern, Portal, plays a bit on the idea of space, just like Rashida’s fabrics (with print names like “Moon Grid” and “Space Junk”). But I also found that I could divide the entire line into three value groups- light, medium, and dark, using the Ruby Ruler to help me. From there, I wanted to create a sort of attic window block, but I liked the idea of some strong dimension in the outer sides of each quilt block, drawing your eye into the innermost square, which are the darkest values of the line. It immediately began to feel portal-like to me. Up close to the quilt, I am drawn in to the darker areas, but further away I focus more on the very graphic diagonal angles and shapes that began to form.


Portal PDF Quilt PatternPortal Quilt Pattern

I designed this to be the kind of pattern that I would like to make again- one that’s easy to batch produce. Cut all the pieces at one sitting, then batch the sewing together in one sitting.

And NO Y-seams at all.

Because, guys?

I hate Y seams.

Maybe one day I won’t. But today? They are my nemesis. I wanted a more beginner friendly and approachable construction. My patterns are much more about the design freedom (using your fabrics, and your color values) and less about finicky construction. And really, this quilt pattern would work with any fabrics. Whether its a fat quarter collection from your favorite designer, or fabrics you’d like to use up from your stash. They would all work!

The Stellar fabric line and the printed versions of the Portal pattern are shipping to local quilt shops in early March 2020. In the meantime, the PDF version of the pattern is available in my shop now. Purchase and download instantly! And don’t forget your Ruby Ruler!

There will be a free #wisecraftstitchalong happening in March for this pattern. I will be sewing a new version of it along with you week by week. And I’ll also be including some fun giveaways and prizes for those who participate. To be sure you know when its happening, be sure you’re on my email list and following me on Instagram.

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