Fall Already?

Fall AlreadyApparently it is, because there is absolutely no evidence of springtime weather here. 50 degrees and lots of rain does not equal the spring I was hoping to have. We are totally back into the curling up with something warm in your hands to drink weather.
Fall Already
Perfect for doing some more felting. Aren’t these colors gorgeous? I would love to find more grays (I have something in mind), but those lovely blues and greens and the gray appropriately named “smoke” will just have to do for now.
on my mind right now-
Sarah’s bread bag. We have been thinking of replacing our bread machine for a while (it broke nearly two years ago) and the one thing that holds me back is the short freshness window. Now I’m thinking a simple, cute bread bag (could even hang it up) would be a great answer.
Repainting our bedroom. Its been, well, very beige for 6 years now, which is just way too long in painting years. I would love to pick a new color and do the fine linen paint technique that is in the current Martha Stewart Living magazine. Please don’t hold me to that though. There is a LOT of wall in that room, I may succumb to the lure of the straight-on solid color to just get it done. But it will be painted. Nice thing about owning Story Trading is that we get all of the Ben Moore color swatches here to look at and dream about whenever we want.
This amazing display of planters I saw at a flea market on Whidbey Island last weekend-
Fall Already
And countless other random things like quilt making, printing my own fabric to make new curtains for the dining room…the fact that the other day Emma told me her room was boring – yeah, I know…aaaaand there’s freshly sewn curtains in there I haven’t even shown you yet…weeding the rest of the garden… sewing Betz’s reusable sandwich wraps…my lonely etsy store that hasn’t been swept and dusted for a while…
you get the idea. Its a bit nutty inside this head of mine.

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