Jewel Toned Sunshine Medallion


Some may remember this moody version of the Sunshine Medallion Quilt I made a while back. I love this quilt pattern so much. There’s limitless ways to play with color in this pattern and really make it sparkle.

In this version I used several maroon, turquoise, light blue shades (an old shirt of Peter’s makes up the lightest blue). This quilt looks very different up close than it does from far away. A bit like an optical illusion. Or maybe it’s more a vibrating effect.

Where would this quilt live? I see this jewel toned beauty living within the world of a bohemian. Someone who casually tosses beautifully colored things about her gorgeously thrown-together space. Can you see it?
Sunshine Medallion Jewel Tone Quilt Collage by Wise Craft Handmade

Clockwise from top: Sunshine Medallion Jewel Tone/Flowers/Yarn Hair/Macaroons/green patterned floor/bedroom

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