Live Q & A next Friday, May 24

Live Q & A


Updated 5/27/19– Thank you to all who tuned in! If you are a member of our group and would like to watch the replay, go to the Wise Craft Quilts Facebook group page, click on “Video” and if is the video from May 24th.

Groups inside of Facebook have been incredibly helpful to me over the past couple of years. I’ve gotten business guidance, help finding things in my community, found out about a newly released social media feature, you name it. I started my own group when my last book, Wise Craft Quilts, was published. They were emerging as a new resource for those of us who wanted to reach our audience online where they were at already. Since my group began, we have remade some of the projects in my book, live and in the group with others participating live. We have shared advice and projects, and have formed community around quilting. Its been a real source of support and enthusiasm for my work and I am so very grateful.

As our community within the group continues to grow, I want it to be a source of advice, inspiration, and a shared love of patchwork and sewing. I will be in the group, live, on Friday, May 24 to answer questions and get feedback and what the group’s members would like to get out of the group going forward. (Note: If you are a member of the group, but are unable to watch the live stream, you can always watch the replay.)


To RSVP to the Q & A, if you are a member, or once you are approved, you should see the event at the top of the page, click to RSVP.

If you have questions you’d like to me answer, send them to me here. I’d like to see them beforehand in case there’s something physical (like a quilt or block) that I can grab and have ready. Got a question about a quilt idea? My Ruby Ruler™ and how to use it? How I run my business? I’m happy to share!


Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for what I do. I couldn’t do it without you.



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