Marking My Quilt Tops with a Hera Marker

Hera Marker in use
I have used many things to mark my quilt tops for quilting, but these days I use a Hera Marker most frequently. For straight line quilting I used to use painter’s tape. I would mark the line across the quilt with a length of this tape and stitch beside it. It works great. Until it doesn’t. Sometimes I accidentally stitch over the edge of the tape and I’m left looking for tweezers to pull the little pieces of tape off.
I really like using my Hera Marker to mark my lines these days. It works on dark or light fabric, and the best part is that there’s no need to worry about any mark being left on my quilt top. I still love my Frixion Pens (the marks disappear with heat), but this is a pretty easy way to guarantee nothing unwanted ever reappears on the quilt top. (I’ve only had that happen with the Red Frixion Pens btw).
To use a Hera Marker to mark you quilt, just align a quilting ruler where you want your straight line. Run the edge of the Hera Marker along side the ruler just as you would a rotary cutter. I run it back and forth a few times, with a little bit of pressure. As you can see, the line shows up. I use that line to follow along with my walking foot or hand stitching. You can find a few Hera’s left in the shop.

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