The International Dolls House Modern Bungalow

One of the most thoughtful gifts I received at Christmas was from Peter’s dad. He precut all the pieces, ordered the window starts, and gave me the plans to build a mid-century bungalow dollhouse from a wonderful book Peter’s mom has, The International Dolls House Book.


Right now it doesn’t look like too much really, a stack of wood, some windows, trims, and random tiny things like doorknobs and hinges. This is a true barnraising from scratch. First I’ll have to build and assemble it, then paint and decorate it. There are some plans in the book to make furniture too, I may actually play with that, we’ll see how long the structure takes.


And all this will be with Emma’s help of course, she’s like the dollhouse fairy when it comes to the world of teeny tiny things. She has already said I should paint the tiny cuckoo clock I bought for it a bright green, like the one I did for holiday).
My sister-in-law Jen got the pieces for the Gypsy Caravan, so we rewatched some Carnivale over the holidays, purely for research. I love that series.

I’ve created a new category for Dollhouse here on the blog so you can follow the progress. Once I move into the basement and claim it as my studio, I’ll have room to work on this and spread out a little, so I’ll be posting some progress regularly. So excited!
Thank you to Rhythm of the Home for featuring some of Emma and Ian’s handmade Christmas gifts this year.
I am way behind on answering emails, if you are waiting on an answer from me, don’t worry, it’s coming!
Happy Monday!

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