More Adventures in Dyeing

Last week I accidentally splattered oil from a new jar of almond butter on this shirt. It’s been a favorite of mine for about 2 years (bought on sale at Anthropologie). I tried all the tricks I’d learned in my college Textile Science classes, but it still had a slight yellow tinge across the front. Not easily visible in this photo, but it’s there.
I thought I would try dyeing it, still fresh off the success of my first dyeing adventure. My main concern was getting the color consistent across the shirt, I didn’t want it to be splotchy, dyeing in a bucket/dye bath requires stirring and manipulating the fabric around in the dye bath so that all the areas have good exposure to the dye. If I were doing it in the washing machine, with a storebought dye, this would have not been a problem, but I really wanted to create the color myself. I set up my dye station in our basement, and used Cerulean Blue with a teeny tiny bit of New Black to create the color (the black really adds depth to the color, which was very bright without it).

I am so pleased with how it turned out. It’s a different shirt now, because the lace trim didn’t dye, but it’s now back to it’s perfectly useful life! I love the idea of extending and updating my wardrobe like this. Maybe have to do some more experimenting.

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