More Patchwork


More patchwork. This time done in a long (28″) rectangular pillow.

Some accuse me of churning these patchwork things out. I assure you I’m not! I guess it just looks that way, thanks to the magic of blogs. I’m really loving the way little bits of color and pattern come to life when combined this way. The length of the pillow inspired the patterning of the blocks (seen best in the 2nd photo). I didn’t think too much about the fabric placement beyond making a stack of pale colors and one of more saturated colors. That’s another thing I love about patchwork. You can get crazy specific on it, or just start piecing and see what happens.

We have so so much going on around here, our life is feeling kind of pieced and patchworky. The kids are enjoying the last bit of summer…Peter is preparing the launch of something very exciting and I can’t wait to tell you about it (when he’ll let me, soon)…and I am soon to be starting a new job, back in the fashion industry, after 11 years. I’m nervous and thrilled! Which means I have to buy some new clothes. I think that anything black (without stains) will work nicely to start with. I’m inspired to make myself a plain black smock/tunic (to wear over  jeans) and do a flower collar on it. Do you guys know of any good basic tunic patterns?

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